8 unusual habits of highly successful people

Being successful in one or more areas, is the goal of each of us. But success is not for everyone, because some simply do not know how to deal with success, or are not aware and wise enough to find out how to achieve success. A lot can be learned from successful people, and my today’s article will be focused exactly on the habits of highly successful people.

Many experts agree that habits are the principal culprit for the achievement of success in any field. One of my favorite authors John Assaraf in his articles, almost always came back to the thesis, that our entire success begins with the adoption of habits.

Interestingly, he described a concept that should actually work. So, for the adoption of habits and the obtainment of a routine of a certain task, it takes approximately one month. But in that month you need to think about goals and habits that lead to the realization of these tasks on a daily basis.

8 unusual habits of highly successful people - live your dreams tips - john

He did it through the mental folders, which he called ‘folders of possibilities for the future‘. To make it short, he wrote all his goals on a piece of paper (preferably added a few photos) and he hung the paper in a visible place. Then he would look at the paper for approximately ten minutes every day, and in that way, his brain recognized the path which he should go over in order to achieve the goals.

What interesting has happened to John?

In that folder he had put the photos, one of which was of his future dream home. A few years later when he bought a new house, searching through the old ‘ goals folder’, he ran just into that original folder and realized that he bought exactly the house, which he once dreamed of.

The brain is a great tool and you will surely need it while achieving your objectives. But even more than the brain, the adoption of some habits and routines that will guide you step by step towards the goal, will be necessary.

The habits of highly successful people are often not very reasonable, but it is obvious that they lead to the ultimate goal. In continuation you have a chance to read which are these strange habits of highly successful people:


They get up very early

It may seem completely crazy, but nearly all successful people are early risers. The reason for this is the fact that the morning hours are generally the best ones for the realization of all of our most important tasks.

I already wrote about the benefits of waking up early, and on the website you can also find my article on how to become a morning person, and start waking up early.

Theoretically, early in the morning for some of us means getting up at 5 am, while for others it means getting up at 8 am. Successful people, not only get up around 5 am, but there are those who get up even earlier.

Many have seen the benefits of the early awakening habit, and now it’s your turn to do it. Regardless of your opinion how your late awakening is just fine, studies have shown that the most effective hours for many people, are exactly in the morning, between 5 and 9 am.

I ran into an article on a Business Insider that shows when successful entrepreneurs actually get up. For example, Tim Cook, who is currently at the helm of Apple has a routine of getting up at 3:45 every single morning. There is a bunch of such interesting examples, and you can view them here.


They ask themselves strange questions

Successful people need to balance very well between time, obligations and private life. In order to accomplish it in the easiest way, many of them, ask themselves some strange questions every day.

8 unusual habits of highly successful people - live your dreams tips-last day of life

The purpose of these strange questions is the finding of new ideas, the pursuit of motivation and ultimately the prioritization of the things in life.

One of the strange questions, you should you ask yourself every day is: ‘How would I spend this day if I knew it was the last day of my life?

We often suffer when it comes to selecting priorities, and it is this question above that could give us the answers. If you ask yourself the question above, you will make it more clear in your mind, what is it you need to invest your time in, and what’s most important in life for you.

There is more of such strange questions, and each of them should reveal something about us, and give us a better perspective on life. Here, below I have singled out a few more interesting questions:

  • Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?
  • What new have I learned today?
  • Have I shown to the people I love how much they mean to me?
  • Could I have spent my time better today?


They completely visualize the day

If you’ve ever watched the ski Championship, you could have noticed how all the skiers are making some strange movements with their heads before the race.

What’s actually going on with them? Are they nuts?

Before going down the hillside, the skiers have the right to review the slope. After all the skiers have reviewed the slope, the race begins. Before the start, all the skiers are thinking about the setup of the slope and about where the biggest pitfalls are.

So, they visualize the slope, in order to pass it better and more quickly. You need to start using the same principle, if you want to become successful.

We often tend to say that successful people are good visionaries, as they know how to prepare the ground for the future. One of the strange habits of highly successful people is exactly the visualization of the day, for its best overcoming possible.

Many tend to make schedules and plans for the day, in the morning (or the day before). However, there are more and more of those who visualize their day. A large portion of man’s observations is achieved just across the visual aspect, so the visualization of the day is perhaps one of the best ways of planning the day.


They remember the names because they know it’s important

How many times so far have you met someone, and then forgot that person’s name in 2 minutes?

Countless times for sure, because people sometimes just find it hard to collect new information as long as they don’t identify it with a visual feature.

Successful people are very good at remembering names. Even if they are not skilled in it, their efforts are to remember as many names of the people who are important to them for the achievement of success.

8 unusual habits of highly successful people - live your dreams tips-remembering names

The overall drive for remembering names lies in the fact that, by doing that we associate with a person more easily. The more personal the relationship, (and knowing of the names of partners, children, parents or pets is just that) the easier will be to achieve a better cooperation with a client or a partner.

The people are social beings by nature, so it is quite intuitive that we tend to believe more to the person who is closer to us. In other words, it is easier for us to achieve confidence in the person who knows the names of our loved ones and pets because we have the illusion of knowing him/her better.

If you fail regularly when it comes to remembering names, there are several tricks.

Debra Fine is a master of communication and speech, and in her books she has given a very detailed elaboration of that topic. Here is what Debra recommends so you could remember the name during the introduction:

  • when a person tells you his/her name during the introduction, repeat the name out loud while shaking hands
  • then repeat that name a couple more times in your head, and connect it to some visual element on the person (big blue eyes, a small nose, pink highlights in the hair, etc.)
  • If you accidentally forget the name, do not hesitate to ask for the name again (at the very beginning)
  • You’ll cause less damage with the rapid re-issue of the name, than with wondering who were you talking to anyway, at the end of the conversation


They investigate people before they actually meet them

If you’re a fan of romantic movies, you certainly haven’t missed ‘Friends with benefits‘. At one point the perfect Mila Kunis makes it clear to Justin Timberlake that she has conducted an investigation about his past and that she actually knows all about him.

I suppose you remember the film, and the fast pace at the beginning of it. Mila actually offers Justin a great job and by making smart moves, forces him to accept all of her ideas. All that was very easy for her to achieve, because she knew his past, in other words, she knew how to handle him.

Let’s leave that movie aside, and dedicate ourselves once more to the habits of highly successful people.

Successful people don’t like to work with murky types, so before they get into a cooperation they do a good investigation of what/who they are dealing with. From school, through love affairs, to problems with the law – all this is what is being investigated.

When you do an investigation about the person with whom you are planning to establish some kind of cooperation, you have achieved two advantages:

  • you’re convinced that this person won’t make a fool of you
  • you know how to handle this person and how to manipulate him/her

Although I don’t like the word manipulation, that’s what is all about. When you know all about the person on the other side, you know exactly what his/hers vulnerable sides are, and where you need to attack. This position gives you the advantage from the start, so the question is why wouldn’t you use such a thing.


They focus the attention on the people

I’m going to keep the attention on the relationships between people for a bit more, because as you can see, the fact that we need to focus on people, found its place on the list of habits of highly successful people.

We live in a time when we tend to stare at our smartphones or other devices like zombies. There is less and less communication between people, and a large part of things is done via Internet.

But, does the secret of success lie exactly in the verbal communication?

8 unusual habits of highly successful people - live your dreams tips-secret of success lie in th verbal communication

Apart from the fact that staring at the phone, while having a conversation with someone is terribly rude, it resulted to be very inefficient too. Our attention is directed to a device that we use, and only a certain corner of our ear is listening to what other people are saying.

If it comes to talking to co-workers, team or whoever, a complete devotion to it is essential. It is necessary to listen to what others are telling us, because by doing that,we give much more importance to their speech.

On the other hand, in order to reduce the consumption of time, you can reduced the conversations with your team members to short periods. I hope you’ve heard of the term ‘elevator pitch‘.

Everything we do, we can always be additionally optimized. So a conversation of five minutes, can be reduced to the conversation of 2 minutes, without losing the meaning and the moral of conversation. Elevator pitch is actually a term that is used to indicate the shortening of meetings.

To make it short, it is necessary to convey the message while riding the elevator. Each of our conversation can be additionally reduced, and the important thing is, to transmit the ultimate message as concisely as possible.


They quantify their life

Successful people are aware of the fact that their time is transient. We also need to become aware of this fact, among other things, because we are all transient.

Why is the quantifying of life a great thing?

If you know that you have 10 days at your disposal to do something, it will be much easier for you to start performing that activity. However, if you know that you need to do it sometime in the future, it is very likely that you never will.

This is actually a very important issue in achieving success. It is connected to the setting of objectives and to their time component.

Each goal that you will preform in life will require an investment of a certain amount of time. If you appoint a quality time component, it will be a lot easier to accomplish that goal.

The quantifying of time would look something like this:

  • I have 5 years at my disposal to obtain 100,000 subscribers
  • 5 years is 1826 days
  • in order to obtain 10,000 subscribers, I need to obtain approximately 55 subscribers a day
  • in order to achieve it, I need to invest two hours a day in it

The math is simple, the plan is set – now remains the implementation. If I had only set myself a goal ‘obtain 100,000 subscribers in five years’ I’m sure that I would have never achieved it. A key reason is that I wouldn’t have had a daily routine of bringing new subscribers.


They share their knowledge with others

Imagine yourself in a situation of finding a formula for making money that brings a bunch of money to you and your associates. Would you be willing to share this formula with others?

I suppose your answer is: NO. Am I right?

Successful people observe their vision of success in a different way. Sooner or later, they have reached the level of earnings, where they have nothing more to spend their money on. They have something to spend it on, theoretically, but in their case, the money is no longer the primary mean by which they measure their success in life.

At this point, their interesting feature comes into effect – they want to share their knowledge with others.

The sharing of knowledge is a great thing and it pushes the entire world population forward. All nations of the world are increasingly striving to the open systems, where the information are publicly available. The reason for this lies in the fact that more people will consequently use this information, and by doing that, they will achieve the progress of society, to the joy of all the people.

It is the same when it comes to successful people. The sharing of information is not really a loss for them, because they create a positive atmosphere around themselves.

Since they have announced their golden formula, many people tends to put successful people on the royal chair, and they actually experience a kind of fame. Also, the opening of doors towards others, allows them to achieve more successful cooperations, and consequently additional earnings.


8 unusual habits of highly successful people - live your dreams tips - pinterestphoto

I hereby would like to end this very interesting list of habits of highly successful people. I hope that you have found a lot of interesting tips for yourself, which I have corroborated very illustratively with the examples from practice.

You should be aware of the fact that the success is not built overnight and that none of the successful people, was able to achieve it just like that. It is important to realize that the secret of success is hidden in the habits that you need to perform daily.

As I already said, only a month is needed for the adoption of habits, but the path of converting habits into success, is much longer. But the important thing is not to give up if things don’t go for the better immediately.

If the habits are of a good quality, and if you do them every day, some results must be visible sooner or later. You have to remember that every, even the worst move that you made, and that you worked on, resulted in something good. If nothing else, you’ve learned something from your mistakes.

Often, even the bad projects open various doors for diverse cooperation. People and companies know how to recognize the effort and the time you put in, and you will surely benefit from it once.

Strange habits of highly successful people may be a bit unusual, but they have helped the successful ones to achieve their goal. Don’t forget, the successful ones are those who have the courage to be different from others.

Come forth from the line, and build your way to success.


What strange habits of highly successful people have you heard of? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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