6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers

E-mail marketing gets more and more important nowadays. Therefore, many companies are making great efforts to build their email subscribers list. In doing so, they use a variety of list building strategies, that speed up the process of gathering new devoted users.

Although 10 years ago, we used to think about how email will become a thing of the past someday, it didn’t happen. Moreover, email has resulted to be one of the most effective ways of promotion towards the customer in the last few years.

Why is email marketing so good?

First and foremost, it should be noted that the customer decides whether he wants to receive the news of the company to which he has ‘given’ his email.

Unlike other marketing methods, in this case, the buyer is the one who has decided to be a part of the promotional campaign. While on TV or various internet portals, we are bombarded by advertisements that we don’t want to see, with the email marketing the situation is exactly the opposite.

To the email marketing we agree voluntarily, and we decide by ourselves that we will receive the news of the respective company to our email address.

Another good thing is that the people from the email lists show the tendency of buying our products or services.

Given the fact that the user himself has agreed to be a part of someone’s email list, it is clear that he has a particular interest in the offer that company. This is very positive, because there is a far greater chance that the customer will actually buy something from our assortment.

The third thing, an email platform can serve as a very good channel for the direct (two-way) communication with the customer.

Since we are used to sending and receiving a large amounts of emails, it is not a problem for us to make a contact with the company whose subscriber we are exactly by email. The good side of the mentioned is that you don’t have to look for contact numbers in different places, but you can send a return email.

After I have presented some kind of short introduction about the benefits of the email marketing, it is time I dedicate to the list building strategies.

6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers - live your dreams tips dream life

In order to convince a future customer in becoming our subscriber, it is necessary to incorporate a good story that will make him become a part of our e-mail list.

Marketing gurus often have lots of creative ideas, thanks to which they are able to make a huge email lists in a short period of time. Sometimes, these lists are not too effective because many people sign up just because of some current benefits.

Generally, an email list should be built gradually and on the right foundations. When I say the right foundations, I mean that we have to offer to the future subscriber only the content which is relevant to what we do.

There is no point in attracting users with some giveaways that completely differ from the content we usually offer. It is better to make a quality story about what we really do, because in such a way we will attract the customers who really want to consume our content.

To cut with the introduction, in continuation, I have singled out some great email list building strategies for you, that should help the growth of your business:


Offer something that makes it worth becoming your subscriber for free

People are not idiots. No one will give you his/hers email address just because you ask for it. It is important to offer something quality in return.

This is the segment really worth investing some effort and money in, because the results could be fantastic.

If you surf the Internet regularly, you could have bump into various sites where there are pop-up windows which suggest you to leave your email address to which you’ll get a free ebook.

These books are usually very relevant to the content offered on the website and by that, they are an extremely good bait for attracting new subscribers.

Do you know that the making of an ebook is not difficult and long-term?

Given the fact that you’re working in the area that you most likely know a lot about, the writing won’t be a problem at all.

6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers - live your dreams tips dream life free ebook

You’ve been gathering experience for years, and I’m sure you know a few big secrets that can help in the achievement of better results in the area you work in. If so, the writing of a quality book will be a ‘piece of cake’ for you.

Steps for writing a free ebook:

1. think about the idea and the structure of the book
2. write a relevant and a quality text
3. give the text to someone for the reading and the correction
4. make a quality graphics and headline
5. merge it all into a unit

As for the book itself, the relevance of the content is essential. It must have a very attractive title, and it must be accompanied by a nice graphics.

It is important to mention that it is not necessary to write a book of 100+ pages. It is enough to write some sort of manual of a few pages length, but it is very important that this manual is highly informative.

The final thing I’ll add is, that this book will be a reflection of your work. To be more precise, the user will get a book in his hands and if he is impressed by what he is reading, he will become your loyal reader and buyer.


Use pop-up windows and fields

Once you’ve solved the first step, and made a great ebook or something else valuable for the user, it is time to present it to the user.

You have to put the fields through which the user can subscribe to your email list in a few places on your website.

One of the best email list building strategies are pop-up windows. Although they are annoying to everyone, their main task is to obtain the user’s attention and they do it very well.

The pop-up windows have been present on the web for a long time, but, they have achieved a great popularity in the last few years. They are used for different purposes, and one of the most common is exactly the obtaining of new subscribers.

Studies have shown that pop-up windows double the number of new subscribers on the site. So, they are twice as efficient compared to other list building strategies.

If you decide to use the pop-up windows as a method of obtaining new subscribers, it is important that you do it very well. Pop-up windows should be relevant to the topic of the article the user is currently reading.

6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers - live your dreams tips dream life free ebook subscribers

Although it is hard to believe that all the articles will thematically match to what is offered in the pop-up window, it would be very good to achieve it. Along with the pop-ups, it is necessary to set up a field through which the user can easily become a subscriber, some place visible on the page.

Two recent trends that have emerged are a static bar at the top (or bottom) of the page and a home page intended solely for the obtainment of new subscribers.

For all of these possibilities, there are many ready-made solutions, which can be installed in a form of a plugin, if you’re using one of the famous CMS programs for the managing of the content on the website.

My recommendation is definitely SumoMe which is experiencing a great popularity in the last few months. It is a complete solution, which once installed on the site, offers you plenty of opportunities.

Thanks to the SumoMe tool it is very easy to set up a pop-up window, or a static bar at the top of the page, or to make a homepage for subscription. SumoMe.com really offers many opportunities and one good information is that the tool easily connects to different systems for managing and sending large amounts of e-mails (MailChimp, AWeber, etc.).


Set the subscription fields within the posts

In a variety of email list building strategies, the interaction with the user in the actual posts has resulted to be one of the better.

The users are on the web sites and stores mainly because they are interested in an item, or want to learn more about something. So what better place for the obtainment of new subscribers, than these pages they observe.

The entry fields which are located on the sides of the site may be the suitable places for a set up, but not the most efficient ones.

The best position for such fields are precisely those places where the users focus their attention the most. For example, at the beginning or at the end of the article the user decides what he is going to do next on the website absorbed. Therefore, there is a possibility that he will then decide to enter his email and by that become your subscriber.


Let the user know that he will regret not becoming your subscriber

This might sound a bit cruel at first. But, this is actually one very simple and in many places applied method of getting attention.

You’ve invested a lot of effort in the making of a super useful ebook, and now you want to share this book with someone of course.

If you put the sign “free ebook” above the fields for the email registration, I’m sure that some users will decide to give you their email address. But you want more than that – you want more subscribers!

In this case, it is necessary to induce the user to an interaction, and let him know you’re giving him something great.

The method that works for sure, is based on the fact that the user thinks he is missing out on something significant if he doesn’t become your subscriber.

6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers - live your dreams tips dream life free ebook subscribers rich

How can you make this happen?

You need to draw out of the context, of your content, the conclusions which talk about the things the user doesn’t want in his life

In the case of this site, the user definitely doesn’t want to ‘work for a pittance’ for the rest of his life. He also, doesn’t want to miss out on life and fail in the realization of his dreams.

Now I’ve got a few thesis that can become great slogans for drawing attention.

Now when I’m offering a free book to a customer, I can also add, “Do not let your life pass unnoticed“or “Become rich and don’t work for a pittance“.

Such sentences will arouse in the user the fear of transience, and the desire to make a move. The first step in making a move will actually be the download of your ebook, in which you have hidden some great advice.

It is important to let the user know that he will make a mistake if he doesn’t become your subscriber. If you’re able to do that, then you will certainly have a large email list in the future.


Use other sources for the obtainment of new subscribers

List building strategies, mainly focus on the fact that you obtain your subscribers through your own platform or website. But, have you ever thought about the fact that you can obtain new subscribers through other portals and services?

Social networks are very popular nowadays, and it would be a shame not to use them as best as possible.

So, one of the possibilities which is offered to you, is the advertising of your subscription service exactly over the social networks. Although it doesn’t sound very promising all in all, the influx of new subscribers should increase.

Lately I tend to find more and more articles that contain a link to someone else’s subscription list. In particular, when writing guest posts, it can be increasingly seen how the authors leave a link to their website with a subscription to a newsletter.

There are plenty of options, and it is important to become aware of the fact that you can reach a remarkable number of subscribers through other online sources.


Convert the commentators on the site into subscribers

The commenting on portals is experiencing great changes in recent years. From independent systems, through integration with the social networks, to services that offer commenting.

All this has marked the last few years of commenting.

The more and more developed systems of commenting, enable the number of new benefits. One of the most recent trends is the possibility of the user to mark the desire of becoming your subscriber while commenting.

I really like this method of obtaining users, because it is very easy to become a subscriber. In fact, if you want to leave a comment on the site, you are obliged to write your email address anyway. So when you have once entered your email address, the easiest thing is to simply tick the box that you want to receive the news by email.


6 effective email list building strategies for a faster growth of the subscribers - live your dreams

The above listed 6 building strategies will certainly help you to obtain new subscribers faster and easier. This is everyone’s goal, because subscribers consequently mean earnings and success.

Your subscribers, which you have been carefully collecting over past months or years, are actually one of your biggest business goods. When you obtain loyal customers, then you can hope for good earnings too.

The strategy of loyalty is used by almost all companies around the world, because it is clear to everyone that a great competition gives a buyer the possibility of choosing. However, the achieving of loyalty is still the point in which, the user gives you a certain importance, and puts you in front of the others.

The costumer’s psychology is investigated by many people across the globe, and the conclusions they come to are almost unbelievable. Brian Dean is one of the most famous marketing experts, and he also dealt with the list building strategies. Among other things, in one of the posts, he stated the word which should be used for obtaining the attention of new subscribers. For drawing more attention, and consequently obtaining more subscribers, Brian suggests the use of these words:

  • Featured
  • Exclusive
  • Advanced
  • Download
  • Secrets
  • Access
  • Special Offer
  • Limited Time

This was actually one additional tip that you could find useful in combination with other list building strategies.


There are still a lot of interesting tips, which I’ve prepared for you, and you can get all of them for free, if you subscribe to my email list. Subscribe here!

If you have any advice or idea for the list building strategies, feel free to write it in the comments.


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