Your life as a book – are you sending the message you really want to send?

Have you ever thought about that your life is just a book, and while you are awake, you can actually communicate with people around you as a book cover and you are able to send certain messages? Even when you are alone in your room and do not say a single word, you can still communicate non-verbally. The silence and failure to appear and to take certain actions in your life is a way to send a message.

This is a form of communication which help you to express your thoughts and feelings. If your life is a book, what type of messages would you want to send about yourself? Everything around you offers other people to create a certain image of you and who you are, at the same time while you try to communicate with them. There is no question if you want to communicate with people around you or not, but the question is what kind of message you want to send.

If you dare to dream, you can think about your life as a book and this can help you become aware of what message you want to send to your family, friends and people around you. This will make you wiser and more mature. Compare your life with a book, but you must identify with the main character of a novel. To get a little different view at yourself, try to imagine that your life is like a book and you are the author of that book.

If your life is a book, what type of book would it be? Is this book a horror story, a tragedy, a love story or a comedy? Or probably a bit of everything? Think about every page in that book, what would be a title of this book, what kind of message you really want to send to others? Every person is, metaphorically, a blank piece of paper, just like a paper where someone writes a book. You are that paper, and only you decide what will you write down and what your life will be like.

Each day of our lives is a new page of a book. You create content, and you decide about characters in that book. If someone reads your book, what kind of action would you like that person to take? Ask yourself these questions and find out what your life is all about, and what kind of message you want to send. In this way, you will get a clearer picture what your goal in life is.


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