Why money is not as important as you think ?!

Why money is not as important
Why money is not as important

Nothing in the world is free. In 21th century, consumerism learn that people buy and sell things that they really need at all. Advertisements and commercials are everywhere around us, and many people can’t resist to constantly buy new stuff. But question is why?

Why we buy things that we don’t need and is this the reason to be happy? We need to experience enlightenment and to realize that not everything turns about money. Money should not revolving around our world and it does not fills us spiritually. Yes, it is nice to have money, and everybody should have it, but once when money becomes reason to live, whole meaning of life concept is broken.

We must determine how much money we really need, we must not be a part of consumerism. We live in a material world and there are so many things that make us happy only when we buy those things. Once you have money, you must be strong enough to set your limits, and to realize real purpose of money and how to properly use it.

Money runs the world, money moves us to go to work, to go to earn more money! Money is the reason why we are looking for better job, we study something that we do not like at all, and many are married because of the money. Money makes us greedy, and when we have money, we want more money! Once we realize that money is the center of our life, we must stop and think where this concept of life will lead us.

Why do the majority of people have stressful work and why they go to work from nine to five every single day? To earn money. But, where will they find time to spend quality time with their family? Although we need good job to make profit, we must find balance between a job and our family. What should we do and not to let money to be our motivation? We must realize true happiness and true meaning of life, and money is not all that. True happiness is to have someone who love you, to have friends and family, to be a good person.

Money is just a tool in our hands. Money is neither great nor terrible. It is just a part of life. But, we cannot say that money is not critical for leading safe life. You must realize that money is not all that matters. Use money often, but don’t let money use you and to empower you.


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