Why is Living Simple life philosophy perfect for you and me?


Living simple is a life philosophy which I love and it is based on a few interesting principles.

The goal of such a way of life is to remove all the unnecessary things from life. One should be devoted only to those things and actions that are really important for an individual and that can contribute to our better mood.

My way of seeing the living simple philosophy, is based on 3 basic principles: ­

  • remove all the unnecessary things from life ­
  • figure out the priorities and start working on them
  • want less in order to enjoy more

In order to begin to live a life to the fullest, you have to throw out everything that fetters you. Now it might seem like your life is balanced, but unfortunately there are too many things that fetter you.

When you think about it twice, you spend a lot of your lifetime on crap. Am I right?

Why not making a cut and stop doing all those actions that only make you waste your time, and do nothing to improve your mood. Frankly, I actually think that our actions are not the main culprit, the things we own are.

It is the nature of man to buy and bury its life with different things over and over again. A large part of these things is used very rarely, so it very quickly becomes questionable why we bought them anyway.

Do not be stupid and fill your life with things. Rather spend your time on events that will remain in your memory forever. Do not forget, we do not remember things, but the beautiful moments that bind us to the use of things.

Living simple life philosophy focuses exactly on removing unnecessary things (especially stuff) from our lives. In this way, we create a space and an opportunity to use our time in a better way, and with the ones we love.

When we have thrown out all the superfluous and unnecessary from our lives, it is time to figure out our priorities. Maybe this could be the first step, but it doesn’t matter when you do it, the only important thing is that you do.

Your life priorities should be linked to your dreams and your fantasies about the life of your dreams. Do not let your dreams or priorities be related to material things, but let them be focused on feelings and events.

Let your priorities be for example socializing with family, starting your own family, a big travel to different countries, some crazy adventure, and so on. These are the moments that you’ll remember at the end of your life. Then you’ll know that you invested your time in the best way possible, and you’ll not regret the moments that are gone.

The final ingredient of my living simple philosophy is the fact that we need to want less in order to have more.

It’s a bit contradictory that I, the one who has been talking about the realization of a dream all the time, am now saying that you have to want less. But it is very likely that there has been a misunderstanding in the communication.

8 reasons why you should start practicing the living simple philosophy  - live your dreamsWanting less is a tendency with which we become aware of our limitations (especially over time). We are not smart enough and do not have enough time to become the brightest all-knowing in the world. Why would we want to strive for that anyway?

You must realize that your limitations are actually your gift that you have use. You don’t need a new computer, television or flat. It is only the vision you formed in your head, that something is wrong with your life. But the culprit are not the things that you own, but the priorities that set for yourself.

If I do not buy a new phone or TV, I’m sure I will have more money and time to invest in a trip or a quality time with friends. It’s all about priorities! I know my priorities, but do you know yours?

I’ve described in short terms how I imagine my living simple life philosophy. I believe that many of my colleagues have a lot to add, but why make it longer when it is not necessary.

If you want to know what others think about the living simple philosophy of life, there are a lot of simple living blogs on the internet. I’m sure they have a lot of concrete examples and ways to live a simple life.

Now there comes the key question that wee need to work on: why is the living simple philosophy of life perfect for us?


You’ll learn that the only thing we remember in our life are moments

It is scientifically proven that our brains are much better in remembering moments, rather than dates. For example, there’s no way you’re going to remember what happened on May 11th, 2014. On the other hand, you certainly remember what happened on the date of your birthday last year. We are programmed to remember moments and it is easier for us to tie the events that have occurred with feelings of happiness or sadness.

Life is very short and definitely passable. No matter what, it’s hard to believe that some man will be able to experience the indefinite life in the next 100 years or that he’ll be able to travel into the past. That wouldn’t be any good indeed. Imagine the confusion if we could travel through time.

We only have approximately 80 years of life at our disposition, which are worth spending the best way we can. Try to remember the past years of your life and you’ll realize that you remember only moments – whether happy or sad ones.

That’s how it goes in life. You have to learn to appreciate the moments and reject all things and actions that fetter you in achieving happiness and fulfillment. Once you learn it, you’ll know that the living simple philosophy started working.


how to enjoy in your daily activities - live your dreams tipsYou’ll start enjoying in what you do

Many of you go to work every day, and work eight or more hours and then come home exhausted. The atmosphere at work is usually tense and intense and drains you to the limit. When we add the fact, that the vast majority of the employees are not satisfied with what they do on top of all this, we come to an interesting fact: Life becomes miserable.

Living simple life philosophy has the task to teach you how to enjoy in your daily activities.

Once you understand and start to applying the basic principles of living simple terminology, life activities will become a lot more interesting. You’ll simply realise that you used to spend your life on all kinds of nonsense in which you have not truly enjoyed. Now the situation is different, you enjoy in all the things you do, and you invest more of extra effort because you’re happy.


You’ll come closer to achieving your dream life

You must have already experienced a situation in your life where you could easily say: wow, my life really took a great path!

Life has its bright and dark sides. Nobody’s life can be a pure perfection, but also it can never be just suffering. Our life will always balance somewhere between those two states.

When we are happy and when things actually start going great, the perfect situations often seem to coincide with one another, and it seems to us like we’re really traveling towards the aim and the success.

Living simple theory, is intended to bring your life closer to the bright moments in life. When you throw away all the unnecessary actions and prioritise your dreams, then you’re starting to work on their implementation.

As now you devote more time to what you love, in other words, to the realization of your dreams – it is much more likely that you’ll get closer to them and that you’ll live the life of your dreams.


You’ll feel more relaxed and there will be no stress

Living simple life philosophy is based on the expulsion of the unnecessary things from life, which is so cool. Do you know what consequences does that have on your life? I’ll tell you. now.

The living simple philosophy drastically reduces the stress in your life - live your dreamsYou stop worrying about small problems because your brain started to recognize what it should worry about what it shouldn’t. Every journey begins with the first steps, including this.

First, you will give up some key things and actions that you waste your time on unnecessarily. After a while it will become an automatism, and the problems that you have in your life will become fewer day by day. So, each day you will have fewer problems, thanks to the new way of thinking, and to the new way of life.

The living simple philosophy drastically reduces the stress in your life. It also enhances the effect of positive feelings because you do what makes you happy, and what you’ve yearned for.


You’ll learn to determine the right priorities in life

Many of the priorities you now have are substained by others. We do many things in life in order to meet the expectations of others. You’ll need to change that.

Living simple theory gives a good look in the area of ​​prioritization in life. The ultimate goal of the theory is to learn to discern the good priorities from the bad ones. That is, it is necessary to distinguish what is worth of spending the precious minutes of our lives.

When you start applying the living simple life philosophy, one of the first steps will be to extract from the entire spectrum of your activities, only those most essential. So you’ll try to understand what are the three most important activities in life and you’re going to make them a top priority.

Every other trial and activity that will be offered to you, will get its priority depending on your need. Sometimes the new action will be of higher priority, and sometimes of lower. However, if you pick the right priorities at the beginning, then, the top priorities should be the same now and in several years. The key goals in life don’t change so easily.


You’ll learn that you can’t be focused on the material things in life

Almost our whole life is subordinated to the material goods nowadays. This is completely wrong and twisted. One of the goals of living simple philosophy is to let the individual know that the material should only be the support to the immaterial.

Feelings and moments, are what should be important. When you think about it, the money and all the material is here only to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy life and to experience different feelings.

Materially oriented people (a large part of today’s society) have a problem with their constant hunt of the money and the material goods. When you set your priorities on the immaterial, in other words feelings, your life you should be much better.


You’ll realise that life is much more fun and beautiful than it was so farWhy is Living Simple life philosophy perfect for you and me - liveyourdreams tips - pinterest

The living simple philosophy will give you a new perspective of life. You’ll realize that we don’t spend enough time enjoying in the moments and things that are right in front our nose. Our family, our loved one, the nature that surrounds us and a lot of different little things seem much nicer and happier when we really dedicate our time and attention to them.

Why not enjoy the sun? Walk in nature with your puppy? Enjoy in playing ball with kids? These are all activities that we can and must practice as often as possible. Unfortunately, we are very often prevented from these activities by phone calls, by watching TV, by overeating in restaurants, etc.

Life is much more fun and beautiful than you ever imagined. All the magic is hidden in our vicinity, but we are often blinded by marketing figures that pop up around every corner, forcing us to buy unnecessary stuff.

When you start consuming the living simple philosophy of life, some things should fall into place. Among other things, you should realize that the beauty of our life lies in ourselves, and our environment, not in the beauties that jump out of the advertisements.


When you grow old, you’ll be able to show what you ‘left behind’

Many people remember only the years spent at work when they look back at the end of their life. No quality memories that are associated with the family, friends and all those wonderful moments that they simply enjoyed in.

The acceptance of the living simple theory, will give you the space and the opportunity to truly dedicate yourself to the things that you think will leave a dent in your history. In no case should you let your life go by without being someone’s role model.

You need to be a role model and you need to be a guiding light of your community. When you turn to dust one day, no one will remember your TV, your phone, or any other material thing, they will remember the moments they spent with you.

By eliminating the unnecessary and devoting to what’s really important, you will be able to direct your life so that you leave a significant trace. Keep your trace written in the happy and the unhappy moments you spent with your loved ones.


Now you know why the living simple theory of life is so important for both you and me. I believe that there is no item for which you don’t yearn in your life. If you start thinking in a different way, I believe that the minimalism and the strive for moments will help you in creating yourself such as you imagine.

It is time to say I want a simple life! Start living your life to the fullest, because you don’t deserve it any other way!


Write your opinion of the living simple philosophy of life in the comments. Do you think that the minimalism is the initiator of a quality life?

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