Typical body language of the lying person – learn and debunk person who is lying!


Often, during a conversation with someone, it can happen that a person is lying or concealing the truth.

To recognize that someone is lying, it is necessary to observe his or hers facial expressions, tone and volume of his voice, the way he talks or acts and body movements and gestures.

There are people who do not really know how to lie, but there are those who are born as experts of lying. However, there are some small signs that can help you discover whether other person is lying or not.

Identify the lie is not easy because, over time, a person can learn how to cover a lie, whether it’s about body movements or posture. Previously, it was assumed that if you don’t watch the speaker right into eyes, you are lying. However, this proves to be incorrect. There are people who are able to lie even if you look directly into their eyes. Moreover, if someone is lying too often, it will be easy for him to do same thing next time.

Researches show that even if someone is telling the truth, there is a high probability that it can hide this fact from us, no matter if he is looking at the floor or ceiling.

Based on more than a hundred of psychological studies, there is no clearly defined body language that accompanies those who lie.
 On the other hand, to detect whether someone is lying can be with the help of micro expressions. These are tiny, barely recognizable facial movements that occur subconsciously, without the control of the person.

These small details can help you find out whether other person is really lying. It is necessary to know the person to really know if he’s lying or not. Five typical movements of the body of the person who does not speak the truth are:

Restless body – People who lie will not be able to sit still. They will squirming in his chair too often, restlessly shifting from one foot to another if they are standing, and this may be one indicator of lies.

Touching themselves – if your interlocutor puts his hand to his mouth, scratch behind his ear or rubs the back of the neck, or anything that shows any kind of unusual behavior, you can assume that you are dealing with a liar.

Trembling voice – a person who does not know to lie would look quite uncertain and with no experience at all. Trembling voice, in addition to sweating and facial flushing, is one of the indicators of a lie.

Blinking eyewhile person saying a lie, eye blinking slows down. Once lie is spoken, blink of an eye suddenly accelerates, even up to eight times.

Different signals the body – if the person is nodding in approval as he states negation, or has body language that is different than usual, it may be an indication that the person is lying.



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