How to find motivation for today even if you are tired?

Sometimes it’s very difficult to find the motivation for today, especially if things are not going as planned. Well, that is certainly not a reason to give up.

Each new day should be your new opportunity for success, a new opportunity to show your worth to the world. You have to stay motivated and push forward, no matter what!

My readers are largely people who aim to the realization of their dreams. No matter how sure they are in what they are doing, they very often have to keep their regular job at the beginning. Dreams do not come true quickly, so it is crucial to survive this period somehow.

What kind of problems does this put before them?

They must get up early every day, to go to a regular job and work off an 8 or more hour shift. After that, they return home and devote a part of their time to their family.

Now, it is necessary to find the time in which they will be devoted to the realization of dreams. It sometimes happens that they are just not ready and not motivated enough to work off that part of the daily obligations.

If you stop working on your dreams, then these dreams become past, and a poorly implemented project. Therefore, it is important to find motivation for today, in order to ensure a better tomorrow for yourself.

How to find motivation for today even if you are tired - live your dreams tips - process of motivation

Importance of motivation

When I’m talking about the importance of motivation, it is clear to all, that the motivation is one of the key elements for success in any field. If you want to get something done with quality and success, it is important to be motivated and to strive to the realization of the goals.

The importance of motivation is expressed the most precisely when the man is experiencing his hardest times. When you’re close to giving up, or when you think that all this is going to hell, then it is time to find a quality motivation and keep pushing on. It is the only way you can achieve the things you’ve mapped out.

Process of motivation

No matter what, the process of motivation should be steady, in other words, it should be repeated regularly. It is very important to be constantly motivated, because that’s the way to achieve the best results, as we are constantly giving our best at what we do.

In another occasion, I’ll write about the realization of the process of motivation. I think that this process is an extremely interesting and important topic for all those who strive to the realization of their dreams. In the following text I will write some interesting and very useful tips for finding the motivation for today. I deliberately used the term motivation for today here, because I think that the planning of something on the longer terms is good, but it can often fade over time.

It is necessary to find motivation on a daily basis, even today. Just like the realization of dreams and objectives, the motivation needs to be worked on and developed. Below are listed the best advice that can help you in finding the motivation for today:


Plan big steps, but take small ones

No matter what you do in life, the planning is essential. It is very easy to put a good plan into a quality work. Why on earth, shouldn’t we make a quality plan then?

If you strive to the realization of dreams, it is very likely that you have the whole scenario of your future life planned in your head. But neither you nor I are magicians, so that we could snap our fingers and make such a life happen.

What is the secret of successful planning?

Make a long-term plan. Realize on a short-term.

There’s a great proverb which says that every journey begins with the first step. Now try to convince that it is not so. Well my dear, that’s not gonna happen.

It is very important to make a long-term goals in life. For example, plan a goal that you have to accomplish in the next five years. Do not limit yourself by thinking that there is something you can not accomplish.

How to find motivation for today even if you are tired - live your dreams tips - big small steps

The period of 5 years has 1,826 days, in which you can do wonders. Everything lies in a good long-term planning. It is necessary to think about your goals, reduce them and leave only those which you strive to the most. Prioritizing is a key element of a good planning, and you can read more about it here.

Long-term planning entails an important step which you can’t leave out – short-term planning.

The fact that we live day by day, gives you a clear notice that you have to make small steps. If you make one step today and another tomorrow, you are already two steps closer to the goal.

A short-term planning is the perfect opportunity to get significantly close to the realization of your dreams. In fact, without short-term planning, you will hardly be able to achieve your long-term goals.

The man somehow has a mindset in his subconscious, that if something isn’t done today, it can easily be compensated tomorrow. But is it really so? If you ask me, it is not.

If you transfer something to tomorrow, you’ve already lost a step. In the coming months and years, that step will always trot behind you. So, you’re never going to be where you would have been, if you had done it today.

I think the motivation for today can most easily be found in the short-term planning. Try to stick to your plan and accomplish it day by day. What better motivation than knowing that today you have made that one planned step, that brings you a step closer to the planned long-term goal?


Set the goals whose achievement you can measure

It is very difficult to find the motivation, if you’re aware that you have not progressed even though you are putting a lot of effort into it. But there is a solution for such problems.

One of the examples that I often like to mention is the influx to the gyms at the beginning of the new year.

People make a promise to themselves, that at the beginning of the new year they will start going the gym, in order to lose weight and shape their body. But after a month the enthusiasm subsides and the crowded gyms, suddenly become almost empty.

The problem with weight loss and with the defining of a sexy body is the fact that the results come very slowly. If you think about it, the weight and fat has been accumulating for months and years, and now you want it all to go away in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, the laws of nature show that the balance is always needed, so you can’t fix something ten times faster than you’ve destroyed it.

In fact, the same problem can be found every where we go. So, the situation is the same when it comes to the weight loss, the realization of dreams, or anything else.

How to achieve success then?

A week at the gym will surely have an impact on your body. Maybe you haven’t lost a few inches around the waist immediately, but you’ve certainly began to feel that your body is better prepared to take an action, and that there has been a certain progress. That’s it, short-term goals slowly lead to the long-term ones.

Unlike gyms, the goals on the way to the realization of a dream can sometimes be followed more easily. If you know that you need 10 000 subscribers for a successful business, then each new subscriber is the one that took you a step closer to the defined number.

The important thing is that you can follow the efficacy of the achieved goals. So, when you’re doing a plan (either a short-term, or a long-term one), it is important to set the tasks in a way that you can measure their efficacy.

Each new successfully achieved task will be a reason for celebration and a new drive to continue. Also, this is the perfect motivation for some new tasks that will follow in the coming days.


Surround yourself with people who motivate you, but you should motivate others too

Successful people like to share their secrets of success because in such a way they are showing others that the achievement of success is very possible.

But, except for the self-praise, the sharing of the successfully completed tasks with others has another important factor. Successful people gain an additional motivation for work and progress, when they see that many people support what they are doing.

How to find motivation for today even if you are tired - live your dreams tips - people who motivate you

Why wouldn’t you be motivated and be motivating others?

The motivation for today can be found in various places. Today, when the Internet ropes with numerous sources of information, it is much easier to follow the people who motivate you. On the other hand it is much easier for such people to share numerous tips for achieving success.

So, the successful stories of successful people can be the perfect motivation for today. Try to find people who have achieved success in the area in which you want to make a step forward and I am sure that the new ideas and the motivating figures, will urge you to continue pushing on, towards the realization of your dreams.

Another thing which is extremely important on the path to success is the sharing of your achievements with others. I do not see why you wouldn’t brag to your friends or the community of fans when you achieve a new big step. The feeling of knowing that the mass of people who supports you in what you’re doing, is standing behind you, is extremely pleasant and motivating. You are a motivation to these people, and you can take a good advantage of that that sooner or later.

If you are able, find some article or a person who motivates you and gives you the new strength to push forward on a daily basis. This is one of the easiest, and best ways to find the motivation for today.


Be aware of your worth

“I’m not the best, and I hardly ever will be, but I’ll do my best to get close to it.” – Marko Zupanic

Why does this sentence exudes with reality, pessimism and enthusiasm? And what can actually be learned from this sentence?

The statement that ‘I’m not the best’ is certainly correct. When the man becomes aware of the fact that he can not work off everything that comes his way, he becomes an expert in a certain area. Each person has its own ideas and qualities and it is important to realize which they are. The worst thing is if you strive to the realization of a dream in a field you don’t enjoy in, and which actually makes you sick.

Interestingly, it is very often the case. The key reason is that the success is seen through the sphere of money and not through the whole perspective of life. Success should be a part of our life and it should never be associated with the profit alone.

I do not like the statement ‘I’ll hardly ever be the best’, but it is actually a very smart worded one. If it’s pessimistic to doubt your own excellence, then it is not stupid at all to ask yourself, why would you want to be the best in the first place?

Unfortunately, perfectionists are not successful people. They will bring their product to perfection before placing it on the market, but, there will already be ten or more such products present on the market. Today the market is extremely oriented to speed of the appearance, so, the best products often remain in the back, because they had a late entering to the game.

Maybe my goal is not to be a perfectionist, but I will try to make up for what I’m not the best in, with my effort. The effort pays off sooner or later, and the people know to reward that effort very well.

Maybe you are not the best, but you don’t even have to be. The important thing is to keep constantly investing in yourself and your ideas and to never give up. You can find the motivation for today in the understanding of your real worth.

You have to realize what you are capable of and what you can work off. You also need to become aware of your weaknesses, and try to fix them through the next period.

How to find motivation for today even if you are tired - live your dreams tips-pinterest

When one day you find the best way to motivate yourself, you will be the person who will tear down the barriers and build new bridges. Those specimens of successful people that can be found on every corner of the globe have developed a very good routine of motivation, which ultimately led them to such efficacy.

I think that with the above written advice for the motivation for today I have unraveled the hank of how to motivate yourself, and strive to better results. An awful lot more can be written about the motivation for today, and I am convinced that I will soon write about it again, because I see that a lot of people get stuck exactly on the motivation.

Motivation is the key drive for the achievement of any task. It forces us to give more than one hundred percent, and to yearn for the results more than ever.

There will be times when you’ll think that you did some things in vain, that success is impossible and that you are not physically or mentally fit enough to work off what you had planned for today. But, are you really too tired to work off that hour or two and spend the rest of your life as you planned? Are you ready to accept another failure, as a lesson for some future success? Do you have the courage to stand out achieve your dreams?


What’s your perspective of the motivation for today? Do you have any additional advice on how to stay motivated even when things aren’t going well?

I have more great tips for you, which I’ll send you to your email for free, if you become my subscriber.


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