Don’t give up – the best life lesson you will ever get

Thanks to the people who don’t give up you are now reading this page. Yes, you’re reading it on your computer, which is plugged-in in the jack, as well as the fridge, in which you’re cooling your beer, juice or something else. At the same time, in a room on the 25th floor of the building you’re currently in, the light is on, and the smart phone is ringing, because someone is calling you. Damn, if the inventors were prone to giving up, the world as we know it, would be a lot different.

Just remember the well-known story of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb. People were talking trash about his idea because they thought he’s dealing with nonsense. But he kept trying and trying, and he never gave up on his plan. He made 1000 bulbs that did not work, after which he finally made the right one that worked properly. With his invention and persistence he indebted the world.

His bulb principle is nowadays used all around the world, and gives the opportunity to the families to socialize in the evening, to businessmen to deal with the paperwork in dark workrooms, to the fans of the novels to read their favorite book just before bedtime. His invention is all around us, and is nowadays used by all of us. If he had given up on his plan, it is questionable how the world would look like today.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips-tomas edison bulb

This is a story about one simple light bulb. Not to mention computer, smartphone, refrigerator, beer, juice, large buildings? If people had given up on their ideas, they would never have done what they did.
I can safely say that ‘don’t give up’ is the most valuable lesson you’ll ever get in life. All the reading of hundreds of books, thousands of motivational phrases is in vain, unless you are prepared to be persistent in your life and in the realization of your dreams. All those who have turned their dreams into reality, have had just one common driving phrase – Don’t give up.
In the aforementioned motivational sayings there’s often a fact “never never never give up’. If we’re dealing with a smart man, it’s enough to say ‘never give up’ once, but the goal here is exactly to stress the importance of the persistence. If you dare to think about giving up, even just once, you’re already in trouble. You’re doubting your abilities, your idea and your execution.
The answer I will never give up, no matter what has to be set up in your head. On the way to the realization of your dreams, you’ll run into a bunch of different problems. The community in which you live, the state, the competition, but ultimately you alone, will want to prevent your intentions. Well, you can’t do it. You have to push forward and solve problem after problem. Every problem can be solved, only sometimes, we need to look for the solution a little deeper.

I believe that there are times when the question ‘should i give up’ pops in your head. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even the best ones. What you should definitely do then, is, listen to the advice of those who have succeeded in their intentions, and that is: never give up on your dreams.

I want to remind you of the key reasons for not giving up on your dreams. The continuation of the text brings you some key facts which tell you why you should never give up.


You have only one chance to accomplish/actualize your life

The facts are more than clear – an average age of an individual is 70 years of age. Men usually end their life at that age, while women are the lucky ones who get to live a few years longer. But’ it doesn’t matter who dies when and how, what matters is the transience. We get to live one life, and there’s no turning back. So, you have only one chance to fulfill it with what you strive for.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips-acomplish life

It’s very likely that we all have our own life goal, in other words, a plan for the dream life. Even those most pessimistic ones, who think that the world is a passing point, sooner or later realize that they have lost many years of their life for nothing. It is time to pull ourselves together and to do something worth remembering. Of course, I’m talking about the good and positive things that will make us happy.

You have pictured your vision of life? What’s stopping you from achieving it?

You want an honest opinion – it’s your own fault. You don’t have the courage to face the problems you’ve encountered on your way to the realization of your dream life. You’re prone to giving up, every time you encounter a problem, because you think something will get solved on it’s own.

Well darling, things don’t work that way. Problems come, you’re pushing them aside, and life is passing by relentlessly. All because you’ve given up. Don’t give up, snap out of it and start solving one problem after another.
In most cases the problems aren’t as bad as they seem. Our mindset is ready to magnify the problems because our mindset is afraid of failure. Afraid that someone (irrelevant) from the community will talk trash about him, because he turned out to be ridiculous, and because a good part of the dreams he had planned simply failed. Like you care, ignore these people. They don’t know how to live their life, so they feel the need to analyze and comment someone else’s. They’re irrelevant, what’s really important here are your dreams.

Life is short, and there’s no place for quitting. Never give up on your dreams, because a second chance will hardly ever come.


What would happen if you would persist just one more day?

If you give up on everything today, you’ll never know what would have happened if you had persisted just one more day. If you had done that one last call and got that one positive answer, it is possible you would now be happily counting dozens of new clients. But, you’ll never know. You gave up, and tomorrow will never happen. Isn’t that disappointing and intriguing?

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips-one more day

I never give up – that’s a fact. Soon after I started college, and went to the first few lessons, I’ve realized that college is probably not my thing. Not because I was bad at it, but because I didn’t like the focus of the subjects I was attending. But, since I never give up, I’ve decided to finish it as soon as possible.

Although it seemed as an crazy idea, I knew that by not quitting something good can (and must) come out of the whole situation. That’s exactly what happened, because I took part in some projects, and also managed to sell one of them, while on the other ones, I managed to get good contacts which will probably be of great help if I will be needing it. Whether it matters or not, I got the diploma and I wore that silly outfit and graduation cap proudly.

What matters is to find the motivation for another day, for another step forward. When that motivation fades, giving up becomes very easy. Thanks to the motivation, you’re ready to risk another day of your life just so you could build your dreams. Maybe that exact day will be the crucial one, maybe it will be the one to decide the rest of your life.

It is important to make the decisions about the entrance to the projects, at the beginning of the journey. If you don’t like something leave it, if you like it, stick to it. Just like a tick, it is important that once you get into something, you get out of it as a winner.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips-get out as a winner

If what you need to become a winner is one more invested day, it’s definitely worth a try. Maybe the problem of the whole story, is not the execution of the goal, but the goal set wrong. Maybe you’re aiming too low, and beating yourself up over the lack of realization. Maybe it’s time to set your goals even higher.

Don’t ever forget the fact that competition is the fiercest on the easiest path. Nobody wants to go the hard way, because it is obvious that is difficult. But that’s why that path is less cluttered with competition, so you will reach the goal more quickly.

If you believe that the goal you’re striving to is hidden behind the hill, don’t give up, and make those thousand more steps. Don’t let yourself be sorry for not trying to invest one more day later. One invested day has a much greater value than a thousand planned but not implemented days.


You have everything you need not to give up

People often think that they are not capable enough to make a difference. Truth be told, maybe you’re not capable enough to make a move that will lead you to the goal. But, how do you feel about the fact that all your competition feels the same way? So, we’re all in the same position.

When you’re familiar with the subject you’re interested in, it’s clear that you possess more knowledge then the majority of others. That’s why you have the right to say that you’re better than others. That also gives you the right to compete and beat all your competition. The only thing you need to change is your way of thinking.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-maybe its a time to set your goals even higer

You need to start thinking in a way that will allow you to understand that the only thing stopping you from your new victories are you alone. You’re the one with an extreme energy inside, which you have to use in order to reach your goal.

If you possess any knowledge at all, about any subject, you’re already above the average individual . If nothing else, you’re competent enough to teach him some basics when it comes to that area. If we consider the fact that it is a rare case for someone to achieve his/her dreams in an area he/she knows nothing about, then it becomes clear that you’re already competent enough to ‘confront’ the rest.

Maybe you’re hesitating when it comes to making a phone call or writing an email. Why are you hesitating? You need to understand that you don’t lose anything by making a phone call or sending an email, because there’s nothing at stake at the moment. Why should yo give up then? Make that call already, and start the avalanche which will lead you to the ultimate goal.

You already possess all you need not to quit from a certain goal, and that’s your inner energy. That energy is enough for you to snap out of it and make the moves which will take you further. Don’t let your fear stop you in your plan to achieve your dreams.

You need to prove that your dreams can be reality

Do you want to be a cissy and let others beat you? Don’t give up, and prove to yourself and others that you’ve strived for the right things in life.

Just remember all the times the others have talked trash about your ideas, all the time they’ve told you that you’ll never succeed, all the times they’ve told you to quit. If you do quit, what have you done? You’ve let others celebrate their victory, and they still think you’re a failed visionary. You can’t let that happen, so never give up on your dreams.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips-why you should never give up

I don’t like to talk about others, because you’re the only one that matters in the whole story. You’re the one who decides about your life, and the one who tailors it to your standards. You can’t let others rule your life, because their not the ones who bring the good into it. Your acts are what supports you, and what gives you the quality of life, the others are just mere observers.

Forget about the others and turn to yourself. You need to be physically and psychologically strong enough to bear all the burden which you need to take with you on the path towards the realization of your dreams. The ones that laugh at you and don’t support you, will certainly not help you with it. You can count on help from those who are on the same path as you. They will definitely help you, and these positive people, are the ones you need to surround yourself with.

If you don’t prove to yourself, that you’ve managed to turn your dreams into reality, you’ve accepted the defeat.

Moreover, you’ve accepted a life defeat, because you’ve given up on what you’ve strived for the most in your life. Someone’s life goal is to have a big family, for someone it is to be popular, while someone wants to count millions of dollars on various bank accounts, and someone else wants something completely different.

Regardless of your life dream, by giving up on the mentioned, you’re accepting the fact that you’ve lost in life. If your dreams aren’t your priority, then you’ve apparently set up your dreams in a wrong way. If they are your priority, then you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them.
You want a victory and a joy of life, and the only way to get that is to win. To overcome all the obstacles all the opponents, and all the things that have gotten in your way. Don’t give up, prove most of all to yourself, and then to others, that your dreams have become reality. You’ll inspire young generations, you’ll encourage them to take the path which will lead them towards their dreams. You’ll also satisfy the most important person in the world- yourself.

Dont give up - the best life lesson you will ever get-liveourdreams tips
Dreams become reality only if we strive for them on a daily basis, and if we overcome all the small problems that tend to occur. The only important factor which can stop your dreams from coming true, is giving up.

Never give up on your dreams, because your dreams are the idea of the life you want. If we really want something, why are we holding back to get it? Don’t hold back, but work hard and smart, and don’t give up.



If questions like ‘Should I give up on the realization of my dream life’ are appearing in your head right now, it is time to change something. My fans get great advice which help them in the realization of their dream life, every week. You too can become my subscriber, for free, here.


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2 Responses

  1. Harvey Meale says:

    Your points are valid but I think it’s important not to demonise giving up. Giving up may well be as good if not better, in some cases, to persisting at something. It’s all well and good to dedicate everything to your cause but it takes a lot of courage to know when to say enough is enough.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Giving up is sometimes a good decision, but it all depends on the circumstances. When I look back on my carrer I know that if I hadn’t given up on some of my projects, that projects would now be making thousands of dollars of profit. Sometimes we give up just because we don’t have enough will to keep on going, and that’s the problem. Thanks for the comment bro 😉

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