Is being an Entrepreneur advantage or disadvantage in finding true love?

Being an entrepreneur means investing a large part of your time in your business. Along with business, is there any space and time left for love at all,that one true love?

A key problem and the issue of today’s debate is, is it possible to ‘look for’ love while conducting a business? Could the business actually be the driver of love, in other words, is being an entrepreneur an advantage or disadvantage in finding love?

The other day, I came across a conversation on Facebook, in which David Kosher asked the members of the group the question in the title: Is being an Entrepreneur an advantage or disadvantage in finding true love?

Encouraged by this, I decided to do a debate in which we will try to state the good and the bad sides of a quality connecting of business and emotional relationship.

Is the connection of a successful business and an emotional relationship possible?

It most certainly is!

We can find examples of successful entrepreneurs who are happy in the emotional relationship, on our every step. These people managed to combine their business and love life. How exactly did that look like, is the real question, but I will try to come to some conclusions in continuation.

Is being an Entrepreneur advantage or disadvantage in finding true love - liveyourdreams tips-connection

Bill Gates has been the richest man in the world for years. His wealth was built on the basis of hard work and knowledge that he invested in the development of technology. He did not inherit his wealth, nor earned it the easy ways, but he invested a lot of his time and effort into his business.

Despite the great renunciation, and the investment of time in the job, being an entrepreneur, did not prevent him from forming a very beautiful and quality family idyll. As a result of a quality relationship with Melinda, Bill got three children and got married. However, the marriage came quite late at the age of 38. His got his first child just two years later, so with 40 years on the back, the last one, Phoebe, came when he was already 46.

Although it all happened quite late, Bill managed to build a family empire along with entrepreneurial one. This is an example which shows us, that you can find love while conducting a successful entrepreneurial business.

Another successful example is Mark Zuckerberg, who is currently one of the most popular young entrepreneurs (although he’s no longer so young). His whole entrepreneurial venture was created during college, when he managed to build Facebook. When Facebook began achieving the worldwide fame, Mark diverted a part of his time to family too.

In 2012 Mark realized that Facebook can partially function without him, so he married Priscilla, with whom he has one child. But Zuckerberg still spends a big part of his time at work, and he is still the leading figure of Facebook.

For now it seems that Facebook and their domestic idyll, are on a good path. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Mark has proved that it is possible to find true love while conducting a business.

Where is the heart of the problem of entrepreneurship and emotional relationships?

Being an entrepreneur is quite binding by itself. Entrepreneurs are actually very linked to their business, and it can easily be said that they are in love with it.

But, it is a different kind of love, that mere mortals can hardly understand.

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, the man must be passionate about what he does. When there is passion, the results will surely come. Consequently, the passion will grow into love and commitment, which often results in strong relationship between the person and the business.

Today we are given many opportunities to see how, an increasing number of young people decides to build a career instead of a love life. Over the years, a business career, has become a very good way of gaining a certain status in society. But does it make sense to strive for status in society when you have no one to share your feelings with?

The key problem is the lifestyle of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs don’t have fixed working hours. They are always available, and always willing to help their clients in trouble. When it would not be so, then they would most probably be just unsuccessful entrepreneurs with a failed business.

All these efforts to satisfy the client, become more established, and amass more money, are very time-consuming for the entrepreneurs. More time devoted to work, means less time devoted to private life.

Young entrepreneurs have a lot of problems in this part, especially at the beginning of the formation of a business. Every beginning is difficult, we all know it, but when you are young and inexperienced, you tend to spend even more time, often on inefficient methods and bad ventures.

Is being an Entrepreneur advantage or disadvantage in finding true love - liveyourdreams tips-connection-problem

Another problem with young entrepreneurs, is the alienation from friends and society in general. Some kind of normal society instructs that young people must have fun, and enjoy in the best days of their life together. But being an entrepreneur (especially young one) means that you must partially separate from that society of yours.

The lack of time for socializing will result in the loss of some friends, and in the excommunication from society. It may sound scary, but it doesn’t need to be so. It is important make a quality plan of time and to prioritize things well. I have already written an article on how to increase the amount of free time, so stop by and take a look.

So, we have come to a conclusion that the first problem is the lack of time. However, there is still one bigger problem – a different way of thinking.

Entrepreneurs think differently from other people. They are ready to take a risk, accept responsibilities and commit to something they have been striving for their entire life so far.

One of the key secrets for success is to be focused on what you’re doing. If you’re really focused, then you will notice only what’s really important for your progress, and you will impugn other things, in other words, you won’t notice them.

Given that as an entrepreneur you have to focus on the business, it will mean that you will not notice other things. For example, you will not notice when someone is trying to seduce you, or when someone is talking about a meal that you have no interest for.

It will lead to a problem, where you will start talking about business and entrepreneurship a lot, and you’ll be a little less involved in the topics that concern other people. This will again result in a loss of interest for communicating with you,so some buddies could be really angry.


But, let’s come back to love after all.

I’ll ask the key question again: Is being an Entrepreneur an advantage or disadvantage in finding true love?

I would say that the three scenarios are very probable: finding true love, finding love because of money, and not finding love at all. Now the question is, how much are you willing to recognize the good intentions, and how many time will you invest in the development of your emotional relationship.


Scenario 1.: Finding true love

We have all wondered at least once in our lives: how to find true love? Does it make sense to look for it at all, or does true love find us all by itself?

As a realist, and a man who is heading towards the realization of his dreams, I have to say that nothing happens by chance. Not even when it comes to love.

Many entrepreneurs are nowadays working from home, on the computer, writing codes or texts. If you are closed within four walls and don’t go out in public, it is very difficult that you’ll find true love.

You don’t look for love, but you have to throw a bait so that someone could bite it. Nothing will come to you out of the blue.

I have recently re-watched the movie Hitch, and I must say that I remain impressed by the movie again and again. I remember one sentence very well, when Will Smith (the doctor for love) says:

Would you even have noticed him, if he hadn’t stand out and forced,you to notice him?

He gets the answer to that question: Well, I don’t know, perhaps not.

Will answers: See, we have simply created a chance for love. What’s next, who knows…

Although these quotes are not 100% the same as those from the movie, that’s how the conversation was more or less going. What I wanted to say with this is, that true love is not miles away from us, regardless of whether we are entrepreneurs or not.

The only important thing is to throw a bait, and create an opportunity for true love.

Being an entrepreneur should not be an obstacle to it. Throwing a bait and showing interest in love won’t require a lot of time, because there are different ways to achieve it.

Nowadays, internet is a place where we do almost everything. Among other things, it serves as a place for searching soul mates. If you just don’t have the opportunity and the courage to make an impression in public, you can at least make an effort to meet someone through social networking or dating services.

Every now and then we have a chance to see people who have made a quality romantic relationship (even marriage), and met on the internet.

However, the figures show that internet is not the place to look for love.

Is being an Entrepreneur advantage or disadvantage in finding true love - liveyourdreams tips-connection-achieve itThe studies have shown that merely one in ten Americans, uses the platforms for meeting soul mates. Thus, the vast majority of relationships begins exactly without the mediation of the internet.


Also, a research has been conducted on a big number of people in 2013, which revealed that 88% of the people who are in a relationships that last for five years or less, have started their relationships without the mediation of the internet.

This data may be a little outdated, but one thing has been proven – regardless of your presence on the Internet, the chances of finding love exist. Your chances will be a lot bigger if you go out in public, so this is definitely my recommendation.

What exactly is true love? Can an entrepreneur achieve it?

Love is quite a mysterious thing to all of us. It is difficult to recognize the symptoms that would tell us that this is true love. Love is just love, there’s no room for philosophy here.

All those happy moments, gestures and emotions that overwhelm you when you’re close to your loved one or when you hear her/his voice – that’s love.

Entrepreneurs are having harder time in achieving true love than others. The reasons are two:

  • partner should try to understand the entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • partner should respect you in good times and bad, regardless of the lack or excess of money

I have already mentioned that the life of an entrepreneur is quite different from the life of other people. Your partner will need to try to be full of understanding, when it comes to your invested time, that you put into the business. He/she will have to be ready to give up a part of the time with you, so you could have conversations with clients, and solve the problems that have suddenly appeared. Your partner would have to suffer all your tantrums and bad moods, and he/she will have to be ready to cheer you up during your ‘rainy days’.

There are some positive sides here of course. As an entrepreneur you will be able to provide some extra pleasures to your partner, because you will have connections and money. In the end, all this is less important when it comes to true love. True love is unconditional and it can overcome any problem. Find it and enjoy it.


Scenario 2.: Finding love because of money

Successful entrepreneur can have rather large problems in finding love. When one day you become popular, successful and rich, everyone is going to want to be your friend. Among them, there will be people who will want to become your life partners – often because of the money.

The world is a cruel place, let’s not kid ourselves. The increasingly difficult financial situation of many people on the planet, leads to the fact, that, more and more people are ready to “sell their soul” for money. When it comes to money, many are ready to live a few years by your side, and to steal the fruits that you have been collecting thanks to your effort.

When you are a successful entrepreneur, you have to be very careful in finding true love. Fortunately, unlike true love, scam can be detected. Maybe detection is not the easiest, but a quality monitoring of your partner’s conduct may result in good answer to the question, does someone want you just because of your money.

Be careful, listen to your heart, and recognize true intentions.


Scenario 3.: A single entrepreneurial life

One of the scenarios that is increasingly practiced is the life of an entrepreneur without the commitment to a co-habitation with a partner, or not having a partner at all.

Some entrepreneurs are so focused on their work, that they simply neglect all other aspects of life. What about the happiness and joy, the laughter of small children, the joy of playing with the grandchildren, and all the other anecdotes that come along with family life?

Is being an Entrepreneur advantage or disadvantage in finding true love - liveyourdreams tips-pint

I remember, a long time ago, when I was in high school. There was a teacher who lived the single life. She dedicated her whole life to educating children, which I never completely understood.

I happily analyzed her behavior, because I was able to notice the differences in her behavior as opposed to the behavior of others. The mood of the others was mostly the same all the time. While with her, you could exactly notice how she has both bad and good days. Her mood bounced from joy to anxiety, from rudeness to laughter. So, it seemed like she was sometimes terribly suffering because of the fact that with her 50+ years of age, she has no family that would keep her company. This single life is indeed difficult.

You should be thinking about that too. Is it worth to devote your life to career and entrepreneurship, and by doing neglect your personal needs and family?

Many will (fortunately or unfortunately) choose the path of the single life. As young entrepreneurs, they will say that there’s still time for love in the later stages of life. However, that stage will come, and they will be still lonely and stacked with work.

If you can find yourself in spending your life working for the benefit of hundreds of strangers, that’s ok. But if you on the other hand want to be close with only one person, and build your small family with him/her, then it’s time to throw a bait, to open the door to love.


Being an entrepreneur in my opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle or help in finding love, but it can certainly be both.

Unfortunately, it is very often the case that, being an entrepreneur actually means having problems in love life. Regardless, if you’re an entrepreneur or not, love is something you should experience no matter what.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Consume it all, and then judge it.

I’ll ask myself once again: how to find true love?

Finding true love is a process that lasts and requires investment, but provides a refund of investment in all those happy moments. You’ll always have the time for true love, and you’ll always somehow place it in your life.

Being an entrepreneur can be an advantage if you have secured your life financially and if you have fulfilled your business expectations. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur will be a disadvantage if you’re rich, and you fall into a trap of love of convenience, or if you dedicate too much time and emotions to your business, so the love for your partner then suffer because of the mentioned.


Now it’s your turn! Do you think that being an entrepreneur is an advantage or disadvantage, when searching for love? Write it in the comments!

Let the debate begin 😀


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