DEBATE: Should we throw the TV out of our houses? Should we prohibit children to watch television?

You might think that this question is not properly asked, but let’s go a little deeper to imagine a situation where there would be no TV in your house or apartment.

One of my cousins, a few years ago, decided to throw out the TV from his home and to devote her free time to other things. Today, she, her husband and children live in a home without a television, which gives them certainly a different world than many other families.
Today’s parents usually put child on the couch in front of the TV and allow him or her to sit there for hours and watch the TV. The content offered on TV is very violent, regardless of whether they watch cartoons, TV series or movies. Luckily, there is a categorization of programs on TV, and it is noted that the contents are intended for specific age group. But many cartoons now has superheroes, which constantly depicts content of violence and hatred.

Have you ever wondered how it will affect the child’s behavior in the future?

Reason itself to throw TV is the fact that what we see is transferred to our own nature and this will be saved in our brain. The famous proverb says: ‘Man is known by the company he keeps‘. This fact is entirely true and proven many times, and the big question is how we actually raise our children, should they sat alone in front of the television and absorb all that inappropriate content from the TV?
But is that a reason to throw out the TV out of the house completely?

Come on now, frankly, ask yourself a question: How many hours per day do you spend in front TV? The environment in which I live, spends minimum of 3 hours in front of the television every day, and we watch terrible content. Basically, it all comes down to TV series, movies and shows that help us to relax, and maybe the whole thing is not a bad thing. However, taking precious time of your life, and there are better ways to relax. Do not forget, we typically live about seventy years, so choose wisely what you will invest time because it is irreversible!
But now imagine that same TV out of the house for a few days. What would happen? I’m sure your first few days will be extremely uncomfortable and you would feel like an addict who craves for TV series, movie or whatever. However, after the initial first two days, very soon you will realize that you are surrounded by people who know how to speak! Yes, we started to communicate more with each other, to appreciate each other more, and to restore quality family atmosphere. Also, the additional three hours could be used for a walk in nature (for better health), for hanging out with friends (for better social relationships), for preparing meals (for better eating habits), sleeping (many now suffer from lack of sleep), relaxation (you could sit down somewhere and meditate in peace), for the realization of your dreams (to develop a hobby). Three hours were not long time (it is 90 hours per month) and certainly give a much better offers instead watching TV.

Now what? Do you really want to throw the TV out of the house?
Now that’s a question that you yourself need to answer. If you live alone surrounded by a few friends, TV is a relatively good way to learn something and relax. If you live in a house full of people, and if you know very little about how the other housemates spent the day and what is bothering them, then it is definitely the television to blame for your problems. The truth is, you can do some of that because you can go out somewhere out there with friends or at work. It is all quite individual and you should resolve this within your four walls.
If we now go back to the children, then there can be concluded that TV is not exactly something that they need in a house. Many parents today are overcrowded with full time jobs and unfortunately lots of stress. Because they had been angry at work, parents do not have the will and desire to spend time with a child. It is easier to put your child in front of the TV and let him enjoy the show, while you take a rest or sleep. However, this is not good because the kids need your attention, your embrace, cheerful emotions!
Case studies has proven that children’s minds grow faster and become more emotional, if they have parental warmth to its full extent. If your child say, if you touch it, if you show his emotions like that child will mature and get a picture of the world much faster than other children. But not only that, it will mature much faster, but it will be a lot better and it would be very likely to become considerate man.
Young children are small, but they are really small people. They have so many ideas about the world. If you are surrounded by violence, it is very likely you will embrace that violence. If they are surrounded with kindness, smile and joy, they will become happy people.
There are many different ways you can spend free time than watching TV. Take your kids to the nature, to the zoo, meet them with the charms offered by the world around us. Offer children the habits of reading and logical thinking, give them some responsibility and task (for instance, reading a picture book when you read them, to build skyscrapers of cubes, etc.) Because that is the path they must be treated in order to learn more about ourselves and the environment.

TV in your house – yes or not?
I have said that this is quite individualized question, so I will just give you some guidelines to try to figure out what kind of lifestyle is better.
If you are one of those who sits or lies in front of the TV during a dinner or a lunch for few hours per day, then do one week long experiment. Unplug all TV’s in the house from power outlets or completely remove it out of the house or appartment. Do not be tempted to turn on the TV at all during this week, because the experiment will fail. After a week without television you will see if you are lifestyle is at least slightly improved, or it is still the same, or becomes even worse. In general, first days will be hardest, but it will open new horizons and give you new ideas about how to spend your day. If you are short on ideas, I certainly recommend blog ‘ which can help and provide better advice to improvement of your family life and to achieve personal progress.


Now, it’s your turn!


Since this is an open debate, write a review in the comments! Do you think that removing the TV from the home was a good move? Is this a crazy idea or not? How many hours or minutes per day you spend in front of TV? The best comments will be displayed inside the article!



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  1. momfortweety says:

    I think this is a great idea. One week testing will show every person what can do in this additional time 😉
    I will try this, definitely!
    Thanks Marko

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