4 new routines that drastically changed my life for the better


It is very easy for a man to to fall into a ‘crappy’ routine that the life brings. While hoping that he will be able to accomplish his dreams along the way, with no action taken he falls deeper and deeper into the routine life.

I have always been a supporter of the idea of ​​’a different’ life and I dreamed my dreams. But I was a bit stuck in a certain routine too, and I realized that I need to change my life.

The future won not get any better if you don not make a move - live dreams

It wasn’t easy to adopt the routines that changed my life, but I’ve analysed and chosen them carefully, in order to come to the most important ones. It doesn’t require much to make a change, all you need is some adjustment and a different way of thinking.

In the continuation of the text, you’ll find out more about the things I specifically did, and how I changed my life. But, before I start I need to warn you once again: Don’t live a delusion that your life will change all by itself. The future won’t get any better, if you don’t make a move, and start acting on your own.

Do not let previous bad routines bind you, in such a way that you spend a lifetime mourning for another way of life. You live only once, and you have only one opportunity, to write a book of your life.

To make a long story short, these are the 4 most valuable and very simple routines that changed my life for better:


Do not wait passively for an action in life, but start the action yourself

I’m aiming directly to the core. This is the first, but in my opinion also the most important routine that changed my life. It’s not a joke, you definitely need to read a few following lines.

The people were, but are also getting, more and more passive! No one will move a muscle about anything, unless someone else orders it. This is the result of various historical events, but also of a pessimistic way of life that imposes itself upon us.

Think about it! You go to work, and, if no one gave you a task, you sit for a few hours without doing a useful thing. The contradictory thing is, that you feel happy at the end of the day, because you didn’t have to do anything. But what’s wrong here? Everything is!

If you didn’t do anything, you also probably haven’t earned anything for your boss (or yourself in the end). You sat passively for several hours, and by doing that, you’ve lost a few valuable hours of your life, irretrievably. Moreover, in the end you’ll still complain, how the wage is too low and that the working conditions are bad. What the hell? What right do you have to do that?

But, let’s leave it aside, because this was just a quick illustration of our behavior in life. It happens almost always, and on our every step. Just think of the education, and the lack of desire to learn something on our own, in case the professor gave us no task. Our health is also a good example, we never go to an occasional preventive check up to the doctor’s, until our health situation escalates rapidly. And not to mention the hundreds of other activities that we do annually. Basically, the situation is alarming.

What did I specifically do on that matter, in order to say that I changed my life?

Firstly, I decided to become a person who will take the initiative! As of this moment I want to be the one to initiate the action, I want to be the one who will make the others to move and to start doing something.

Enough of passive game its time you take the reins in your own hands - liveyourdreams

The next step is, to transfer such a behavior into reality! Oh yes, that’s were the first problems appeared. If you have not already established yourself as a sort of a leader, you’ll have much more difficulty in achieving it now. Basically, you need to gain the trust of the people, and gather around a community that will be able to act in accordance with you.


Step three, do not give up if no one wants to defer to you. The focus here is on you and on the actions you initiate. If the actions you’ll be doing are interesting and useful, someone is going to join you sooner or later. You have to stay strong and incorporate into the mindset that you are the person who initiates the changes and who changes the world for the better.

Final step, repeat all of it daily. If the first five actions don’t turn out as you imagined they would, the one of the next five is going to be much more successful, trust me. If not, then you’re obviously doing something wrong.

Enough of passive game, it’s time you take the reins in your own hands. If you think about it, the players who play an active game, and trigger actions are in fact the most successful people of the society. The passive players just watch as their life passes by and never react, moreover, they react only when being forced or encouraged by the active players in a certain way.

Stop being passive and become active. If that changed my life, I’m sure that your dreams will also come true.


New things and actions bring serenity to life and create new opportunities

I have always had a great resistance to new challenges in my life, just like you. But after I tried a few new things and actions in life, I can say that it changed my life.

I’ll name one novelty which I somewhat unintentionally accepted in life, and which opened some new horizons. In my case it’s dance.

More than a year ago I found myself overwhelmed by the fact that I am a bad dancer. Entry into the dance school seemed like a good solution, and after a short deliberation enrolled beginners course. It was a new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect.

Very soon my friends have found out about my new move, so they started teasing me, and making fun of almost every dance class I went to. To make things worse, during the dance classes, I was usually surrounded by kids who were much younger than me. To be honest, the first few hours were very painful and hard so the idea of giving up came to my mind. However, I never did that.

After two weeks, I finally caught the rhythm, so every new dance class was becoming more fun, and the people that started coming there, have managed to improve the atmosphere day by day. Moreover, my friends, started asking questions about the dance lessons, and the teaching methods out of curiosity, so I managed to awake their interest for the dance classes very quickly. I can say that I have become a driving force of action, as I explained in the first paragraph. Today, I love dancing and unlike many of my friends I often appear on the dance floor. In fact, I will gladly recommend the dance classes, and invite all of the interested to finish the course. And yes, the girls love guys who know how to dance, so if you need some sort of a bait – dance is a good solution.

Accept the challenge and start trying new activities in life - live your dreams - live dream

The example is a perfect depiction of what I wanted to say in this section. Although I had a contradictory stand towards the dance classes at first, it soon became obvious that the time was more than well used.

You simply have to introduce new activities into your life! You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you also can’t judge every other activity, based on what other people said.


Accept the challenge and start trying new activities in life. Determine a certain period of time, in which you’ll do something new, and then put it into practice. You may initially feel an aversion towards some of the activities, but believe me, many things will change when you get into a grapple with it.

There are a lot of examples on which you can improvise. You can make a new dish every night and taste it, you can buy the album of some unsigned band and genre, and listen to it all, you can also meet people who are different from you for some particular reason, join the groups and the activities that you didn’t even know of, and so on. The choice is really vast, and it’s up to you to accept the challenge.

Maybe it all seems ridiculous and useless to you now, but if don’t try it, you can’t have your own opinion about it. If I had not enrolled in a dance class I would never have learned how to dance well (although I’m still far from it). One by one new thing will change your mind, expand your horizons and add a new positive dimension to your life. The first two advice changed my life to a great extent, but I’m far from being over yet.


If we all follow the same path, no one will ever stand out, and be different – better

Somehow, all the previous tips have a common link. One routine simply bounds to another, which actually makes it so much easier to introduce these changes into life.

I’ll start this section by quoting one relatively unknown Croatian computer scientist: “Do not let schooling interfere with your education” – Hrvoje Šimić.

4 new routines that drastically changed my life for the better - liveyourdreams tips

Numerous various experts have spent decades arguing about how to actually arrange an optimal school system. And while they debate about it, generations of scholars and students leave the school premises only half-qualified for work.

What’s the key of the problem actually?

Formally, the school should give an adequate amount of knowledge to each of the students, so they could find a job, and start working immediately. Informally, it happens very rarely.

It is not just enough to be a part of the school system, but you need to invest an extra effort in your education during your free time. The school system today, is very often only an obstacle in the training of workers, and a lot more can be achieved if a person gets around the school system and invests that time into a quality work in practice.

If you do disagree with it, let me just mention, that the world is full of billionaires who dropped out of college, and found their successful path in their own arrangement (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates).

You surely want to know, how I changed my life by doing this?

It is important to gain a new perspective of the world. So, something that’s followed by everyone else, is not necessarily the best. The people we today call successful, have each followed, their own way. They did not walk the path of their colleagues, they have instead stepped out at some point, an did something no one else ever did.

In order to become smart and educated, you don’t necessarily have to be a part of the school system. You can absorb the knowledge on your own, but you need to be willing to invest in yourself. There are piles of useful material on the internet nowadays. It’s great that you’re not confined to a standard course where you start from scratch. There’s no sense in starting from scratch, if you already know half of the matter.

You need to learn what is worth of your time and effort, and what isn’t. This will be very difficult at the beginning, but the more experience you gain, the better you’ll know how to recognize the right opportunities. Seize the right opportunities, even if they are miles away from the way in which all others do it.


You need to start making a brand out of yourself

The last routine that I’ll describe in this article, and that changed my life, will be focused mainly on the business sphere.

We moved away from the time when it was all about the product and the costumers. Today, the individual is the center of attention!

In order to come closer to realizing your dreams, and become successful you have to start working on yourself as a brand. You have to start investing the funds (not necessarily material), just like the companies do, in order to become a brand, in other words, to become recognizable.

future belons those who dreams - live dreams - qupte - tips live your dreams

It is important to become recognizable in the group of people with whom you share interests. So, when you come to the stage where other people within your community start talking about you as a quality and reliable individual, then you have managed to build yourself as a brand.

The story does not end here, because every brand is trying to survive as a brand, for as long as possible. So, once you’ve reached a certain degree of satisfaction with your own brand, try to maintain that level by occasional investments. Don’t ever let your brand or your name become a thing of the past. It may take you a long time to get it back.

By making a brand out of yourself, you become recognizable to other individuals and these individuals begin to trust you and your intentions. Once you’ve gained trust, new business opportunities will start coming, and you will no longer be obliged to contact others, because they will contact you beforehand.


If you wan to change your life, you should learn how I changed my life. These are the genuine changes which I’ve tested on my own skin and which helped me to a large degree. To be honest, they have changed my life completely.

Some phenomenal things happened after these changes. Various new ideas as well as horizons opened for me, and all this leads to a personal fulfillment and to the life of your dreams. Once you realize how beautiful and fun the world can be, you’ll hardly ever go back to the old path.

So don’t stall, and change your life for the better. I’ve changed my life, now it’s your turn, start now!


Write down in the comment, have I changed my life enough, and how are you going to change yours?


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