20 things to do in your 20s that will make you feel great


Many will say that your 20s are the best years of your life. Maybe so, maybe not.

Surely, these are the years that you can and you have to take advantage of the best you can, so later you won’t regret something you didn’t do.

The title 20 things to do in your 20s is not selected by chance, because I believe that you can do these 20 things right in the period of this 10 years. You approximately have six months for each item on the list.

Of course, you can use more time for some things on the list and less time for other things on the list. Do not worry, all the aforementioned can be done before and after your 20s. However, the 20s are the years in which the realization of this schedule will run most comfortably.

So, without further unnecessary introduction, I’ll go right to the point. In continuation there’s a list of 20 things to do in your 20s. Enjoy!


Live the life of your dreams - live your dreams tipsLive the life of your dreams

You certainly have a super cool life planned in your head, that you would like to turn into reality. Your 20s are the right time to start with the realization of the life of your dreams.

This website hides a lot of useful and extremely valuable advice from various successful people – it’s time to take advantage of it. Search this site wide and across and I’m sure you’ll find what you want to know.

Living the life of your dreams requires time and investment, and it will not be achieved quickly. Well, if nothing else, at least you’ll bring in a daily routine in your 20s, that will bring you aΒ step closer to achieving your dreams.

There will be more opportunities for the start and the realization of a dream life, but the 20s are the most ideal time of life to deal with your fantasies and the achieving of the mentioned.


Travel as much as you can

In your 20s, your charge of energy and willingness to sacrifice will be at the highest level. Trips tend to be extremely fun, but often hide some bad sides.

Today, you have a multitude of travelers who have proven that the quality travel and the enjoyment in the various world destinations doesn’t require a lot of money, but a lot of will.

On this Website I’ve hosted some of them who have shared some quality advice and ideas with you. Be sure to see the interviews with ‘Karolina&Patryk‘ and ‘Tommo & Megsy‘. I hope I’ll have some more opportunities to talk to such inspiring people in the future. One of my favorites is Tomislav Perko, who is my compatriot, whose lectures about traveling around the world inspire the halls crowded with listeners across the globe.


Learn to cook

Moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, grandmothers, uncles, brothers in law, friends, and even mothers in law, love people who know how to make a delicious meal.

The kitchen is not as terrible as it may seem at first glance. Once you catch the basic ideas and habits of cooking, it is easy to fall in love with the preparation of various delicacies.

If you have the opportunity, enroll in the cookery course where you will quickly learn the basics, which you can later expand alone or in the company of other world chefs.


Learn a new language

Youre worth as many languages you speak - live your dream tipsLanguage schools often tend to point out the slogan: ‘You’re worth as many languages you speak’. Truth be told, that is a good point.

The world is becoming more and more connected, and today there is no problem in calling someone who is hundreds of miles away, to collaborate with someone on the other side of the planet or to travel to countries that you don’t even know existed.

Along with these three reasons, there is still a hunk of such, that can just inspire to learn another language.

The easiest road is very likely the enrollment in a language school. But since the internet today provides many opportunities, sometimes a few clicks with the mouse and a huge desire to learn will be enough for learning languages.


Write your goals where you can see them

John Assaraf is one of the people who was my great inspiration when I was engaging in the world of achieving my dreams. One of his key thesis was that you have to know precisely what your goals are, and then live those goals to the fullest.

I do not remember exactly how he called the posters with the goals, but mainly, his goals were clearly written down/drawn in a single folder. After that, he would go through and examine that folder regularly, and he would occasionally add a new goal in it, when he would manage to achieve the existing one.


Find your passion

Each of us is ready commit to some things in our life, much more than to some other. Such tasks which have our special dedication are called hobbies and we enjoy in the activities when we perform them.

Learn how to be active and responsible - liveyourdreams tipsYour 20s are the best time to find what makes you happy and what you want to do. Initially, it will be just a hobby which you do in your free time. But the practice makes the master, in some future that hobby can become your source of constant earnings.


Learn how to be active and responsible

The childhood is behind you, no one will do the things on your behalf anymore. It’s time to stand for yourself and your actions.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, if not, hurry up to his channel. This is the person who glows with energy and who will teach you how to become active, and how to be the driver of the action.

Is time to become more active and to take the reins of your life into your own hands. Just by becoming the trigger of the action, a need of being responsible for what you do will occur. It’s not a big deal, and it is the only way of having a guarantee of a success in life.


Find your own home

It increasingly happens (at least in my living area) that young people tend to remain within the family homes for many years. The reason is usually financial, because young people are not able to afford a home of their own.

The 20s are the period when you have to find a way to provide a home for yourself. This will be very hard financially, but your own apartment or house offers you a variety of new possibilities. It is an investment for life, not just a mere waste of money.



Although this may feel like a waste of your precious time, the truth is actually the opposite. Volunteering gives you a new perspective of the world, with which is easy to understand that it is not all about money.

Today, there are much more voluntary associations across various cities, and I’m sure there are some in your too. Use this opportunity, and join the group of volunteers at least briefly.


Spend time with friends

If I’m not mistaken, I’ve now passed half of the list of 20 things to do in your 20s. So, on the tenth place there’s an advice which should be practiced in the rest of your life.

The 20s are the time when you haven’t started your own family yet, and that could be a great opportunity to spend time with your friends. Once you step into the family life as a generation, friendships will start to decline one by one or at least weaken. Use your 20s for the friends.


Visit and meet your family

It is almost unbelievable how many people are there in this world who don’t actually know their own family. Okay, you may know your mother, father, grandparents, but where’s the rest of your family?

If you have the opportunity to explore their family tree, do it. Almost everyone’s family has been taken on some strange paths by life, and it often means that you don’t see each other for years or even decades.

Stop this trend and devote a part of your time to getting to know your closer, as well as distant relatives.


Learn some unbelievably fun skill

Dont judge a new activities as bad ones before you try them out - liveyourdreams tipsEvery day to come in your life, will leave you less and less time and opportunity to learn some new activities. The 20s are the ideal time to experiment and to learn something new.

I love to talk about new activities in life because I know how much new energy they bring into our everyday lives. Don’t judge a new activities as bad ones before you try them out. It’s time to learn something that you have always considered to be special and interesting.


Join the interest communities which you’re interested in

If you love prose, join to the lovers of prose. If stand-up comedy, is your thing, join to such a community and so on. Do not let your life slip through your fingers while you’re looking at others who are doing something great.

The involvement in the communities may be strange at first, but after a very short time you will surely become a ‘part’ of the community. I’m sure the involvement in the early 20s, will have a positive aspect in the future times.


Be a part of an outstanding event

Whether it’s the Olympic Games, a big music festival, or something else – the 20s are the time in which you have to be a part of such an event at least once.

Financially perhaps, all together looks somewhat demanding, but these are the things you’re going to try just once or a few times in your life. Not many are lucky enough to be a part of such events several times a year, because such events in fact occur very rarely.


Fly in an airplane

It may seem a bit funny, but there really a lot of people who have never flown in a plane in their entire life. Funny or not, there are a lot of people who have never seen the sea, or who have never been on the top of a mountain.

Some due to the fear of height or depth, some due to the lack of material goods. Do not let your 20s go by without you flying in a plane at least once. It’s a great feeling when you’re flying in the air just like the birds, in between the clouds, while all the tiny object on the earth seem so small and insignificant.


All the energy lies in us, it is only necessary to dig it out - live your dreamWin a prize or a medal

This goes under ‘must do it’! Here, Tim Ferriss comes to my mind as an inspiration, because in his books and on the blog he described how it is possible to get a hold of the prizes in those areas you never thought it could be possible.

For example, if you push and train hard enough you can win a tennis tournament, or a karaoke show, become the best painter or writer of the year, and so on. All the energy lies in us, it is only necessary to dig it out, so it could come to light. Winning the prize will be a phenomenal feeling that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Go out and party like crazy

The 20s are the last train for many to visit the nightclubs and similar places. However, there are more and more people who know how to have fun even after they start a family.

Use your 20s period, and try as many clubs, and have all the fun you want. However, don’t exaggerate, but make the schedule of your night outs, according to which you’ll regulate your budget and your hangover days.


Love and be loved

Love is a strange thing and it is hard to recognize when something ‘right’ happens. If you see that things are not going in the direction they should be going in, do not waul and mourn for past loves.

There are so many boys and girls on this planet, and I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits you.

Love and be loved - dream live life dream

The 20s are the time when you need to test what love is. You need to love and bring joy to others, but you also need to allow others to do the same.


Start saving and taking care of your budget

Savings and investments are the things that we don’t want to listen about in the early years of our lives. A lot of people get caught in the trap of excessive spending, which then brings problems that last for life.

The 20s should be a period in which you start saving. Although this may seem silly, take a part of your monthly income, and save it in some of the various possible ways. In ten years or more, you’ll thank me on this advice.


Do everything you may regret for when the 20s pass

If you have a chance to do something today, don’t wait for better times. The future will not bring better opportunities, but it will only bring the pressure and the growing doubt as to whether it is the right moment to do something.

20 things to do in your 20s that will make you feel great - livedreams tipsIn the 20s you can still do what you want because there are no serious reasons for concern. Once you find yourself in the 30s or the 40s, then it will be too late for some things.

That’s simply the way the world works. Everything is fleeting, even the man.


The entire list of the 20 things to do in your 20s is completed with this last act. Did I miss something? I sure did! It has already crossed my mind, how I did not recommend you to read a book that you need to read in your 20s, and how I also didn’t tell you that you need to train in order to preserve your body.

But, on the 20 things to do in your 20s list, there’s a space for only 20 things. One day I’ll surely write a list of the 50 things, because I could probably find a hundred of them. But, let’s say that this is the best and the most important you can do for yourself in your 20s.

Don’t wait for a better opportunity, start tackling the list step by step.


In order to complement my list of the 20 things to do in your 20s? Write your opinion in the comment, or send it to me via contact.


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